January 28, 2014#

What’s been happening

You probably noticed my last post was a very very long time ago. The reason is I tend to neglect the fun things completely when there is something that needs to be done.
I knew going to college would have a huge impact on my life, but I never expected it to be this hard.

The first few months after summer have been very important to me. I did not pass last semester, meaning I had to pass the next or else I had to leave the Art Academy. Just the idea of it already made me upset. I decided to drop anything I considered fun or non-priority, except for some games you can turn off any minute. (Hey, I do need some entertainment once in a while!) And this helped.

The official grades are yet to be released on Tuesday. But considering previous grades, I think I passed. I really missed working my blog, but it was worth it. At least my future isn’t uncertain anymore for now.

These flowers above are part of the beautiful bouquet I received from my boyfriend. He gave them to me to congratulate me finishing my semester. I finished it a month ago. After that, we had several weeks to ‘polish’ our work which we will present this Tuesday. I decided to keep the flowers as a nice memory (and who knows, maybe I can use them later in my work).

I hope everyone understands!

May 12, 2013#


Aquarel, also known as watercolor, is one of my favorite mediums to work with. How the colors blend with water is really what I enjoy most.
I used Indian Ink for this one. Haven’t done that in ages, so I made an awful lot of mistakes but honestly I don’t really mind.

I did the girl from my head, I only used a reference for the skull and green flower at the bottom right.
Loving her glasses and spikey headband! I want them myself…!

I also use other products to add some texture, which I did on this picture too. I used some salt, which gives a rather odd but great effect. You can see it on the yellow part around her hair.
However I might have added the salt a bit too soon. The effect is much better on the right side. I also like how the splattered green comes through, I wasn’t too sure if it would actually work.
With a white pen I made some tiny touch ups on her lips and nose as highlights.

I really enjoyed making this one. It took me less than 2 hours total I think, so I might consider making another piece if I got time.

A tiny bit of cleaning on the computer, and tadaa!


April 28, 2013#


Nikon D5200, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8

My classmate was prepared to be my model. We had only one hour, but I like the results.
I hope my teacher does too..

April 7, 2013#

My Petri

I’ve posted several analog photo’s earlier, but I haven’t posted anything about the camera yet. I might as well do that!
The camera I own is a Petri MF-101a analog. I was lucky since the parents of my boyfriend had this oldie eating dust in their house, so they decided I might as well use it.
Petri Camera is a Japanese brand, which started in 1907. Unfortunately the company announced bankruptcy in 1977.

My camera is probably from around 1970. It was sitting in a wonderful leather case, still in amazingly good condition. In this case we have the base, three lenses and a flash. The lens on the camera is a 50mm. On the right is a small 28mm lens, en on the left we’ve got the heavy 75-205mm lens.
From my earlier post with analog pictures you can see the great quality.

Oh, and the base also has a beautiful leather case.

I haven’t tried the flash yet, but I don’t think it’s still working. I’m not planning to make photo’s in dark spaces anyway. The risk of having a black photo would be unfortunate since films are really rare lately.

Hopefully this camera will be working for years and years. And hopefully we’ll have films available as well. Analog photography really touched me, and if it wasn’t so expensive, I’d do that much more than digital photography. The excitement when you can pick up your photo’s is a nice feeling, especially when all photo’s turned out perfectly!
I started on a new film, and I hope I can find some interesting situations to photograph like my last series.

March 31, 2013#

Going for Copper

All my friends know I’m a lover for Ebay stuff. I try not to go on Ebay too much, but sometimes I find something I have to get my hands on! This time I really wanted two pieces of jewelry. The headpiece is slightly gold, but it feels antique, so I prefer to call it copper. It also got a little dirty, so the yellow doesn’t come through anymore.

My necklace is probably my favorite. It’s really beautiful and makes your outfit look really chic. I would absolutely suggest it. Not to mention it’s pretty cheap as well! Make sure to use some nailpolish or varnish before you wear it though, because it can turn out a little pink.
Would you buy them?