March 25, 2012#

New shoes: Lita’s

I finally got them! Waited a very very long time, because something went wrong shipping,
but they are here. I’ve been in love with the Lita’s for years, so when I heard KO’s were available, I decided it’d be now or never; I cannot afford the real ones, and since I won’t walk on them a lot I felt ok with knockoff’s. After all, if I had the originals I was probably too scared to wear them in case they might get dirty. And with our weather in the Netherlands… that chance is pretty big (rainy rainy rainy days). However I think they’re pretty good for fakes, especially for the price (40 euro).

(click here for larger view)

And it’s true what they say, really: They are easier to walk in than it looks! The height just looks enormous because of the plateau’s, but without that it’s not really that high.
I’m looking forward to the day I can walk in them. My boyfriend really wants to see them -
he thinks they are (I quote) “kickass” :’)



  1. wauw die zijn super! waar heb je ze gekocht? xx

    • Bij een webshop die inmiddels offline is. Maar ze zijn nu best makkelijk te vinden op internet.

  2. Yay! Ze zijn er! Robin is kickass for liking them, I think Youri really hates them, haha. We should totally wear them the next time we go out!

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